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How To Buy Pearls - Pearl Education

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South Sea and Golden Pearls



Pearl Education 101: Pearl Value Factors

In addition to Grading Pearls using the 7 Value Factors - pearl lusterpearl shapespearl sizepearl colorpearl surface quality, nacre thickness, and matching - pay attention to how the pearls feel. At room temperature, true pearls should be cool to the touch, not warm, and have a luxurious smoothness between your fingers.


Are Cultured Pearls Real Pearls?

Yes, cultured pearls are real pearls created by real oysters, produced by a delicate culturing process perfected over the last century. These are the same pearls that are sold at nearly every retail jewelry store across the country. However, among these pearls, only the top 1 - 2% out of the millions of pearls produced each year are good enough to meet Anandia Pearls's top quality AAA-A standards and be sold here. Understanding the different cultured pearl types - and their shapes, sizes, colors, and quality ratings - makes it easy to find the perfect pearl jewelry for you.

How Can I Tell If a Pearl is Real?

Is this a real pearl? Try this test: take two pearls and very lightly rub them against each other. You should feel a slight grittiness. This sandy feeling is natural, caused by the layers of conchiolin that the mollusk places around the nucleus to create the pearl. Plastic, enamel, and other imitations will feel smooth and glassy.


If you only have a single pearl, you can also perform this test by rubbing the pearl lightly against the biting edge of your tooth (the tooth test), feeling for the gritty texture. Just make certain to ask the owner first!

How to Choose a Pearl Necklace

If you're considering a pearl bracelet or pearl necklace, roll the strand along a smooth surface and observe the pearls from all sides. Inspect them under natural light, as this will unveil their true color and showcase their brilliance. Keep in mind that any 'imperfections' in pearls are caused by nature. Be tolerant of minor blemishes; in many cases, they add unique character! No two pearls are exactly the same.


Learn more about how to choose a pearl necklace.

Which Type of Pearl is Right For Me?

Take your time when shopping for pearls. Like any valuable investment, buying pearls deserves careful consideration. Whether you're seeking a single exquisite south sea pearl or indulging in a breathtaking black pearl strand, savor the process and seek quality within your budget.


Selecting pearls is a personal decision: which pearl color do you find most captivating? Which ones most resonate with you? The goal of these pages, and of our pearl consultants, is to help you in your decision process.


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