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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How long has Anandia Pearls been in business?

Anandia Pearls is part of a multi-generational family business founded in Asia over thirty years ago. Our expansion to the United States in the 1980's has helped to bring pearls and gemstones within the reach of hundreds of thousands of American consumers.

2. How did you get into the pearl business?

Originally, our roots are in wholesale trading of pearls, diamonds, and colored stones such as sapphires and emeralds. Our founders studied the pearl trade at its sources in Japan and China, not only gaining fluency in both Japanese and Mandarin, but also a stable and growing position within the pearl market that continues to this day.

3. I'm confused by the current deluge of companies selling pearls on the Internet. How do I make an educated choice?

The best choices are usually educated decisions, not blind ones. Taking a little time to understand what you should look for in a pearl allows you separate the wheat from the chaff, and puts you in control of the buying process. For a quick and easy introduction, please see our pearl buying guide.

4. Are these real pearls?

All pearls on the Anandia Pearls website are real cultured pearls produced by real oysters and mussels. The tests for whether a pearl is real are given in the Pearls of Wisdom Buying Guide (see above.)

5. Who buys pearls?

At present, pearls are proving to be popular with women of all ages. More younger women have been wearing colorful pearls, including brides, as a symbol of youthfulness and femininity. Larger pearls are also more popular as they are a symbol of feminine power and strength. More women are buying pearls as a treat for themselves, especially those who are ready to set themselves apart once they've obtained diamonds and other jewelry.

6. Are your prices in line with the rest of the market?

Anandia Pearls focuses on the luxury market for savvy and affluent clients, offering high-value items while offering low prices - considerably below what is typically found online or in traditional jewelry stores. Lower prices can always be found elsewhere for those seeking lower-quality consumer goods, but very rarely will you come across high-quality pearl jewelry at prices lower than Anandia Pearls for the same quality.

7. Are round pearls the best kind?

Round pearls, all other value factors being equal, tend to be more expensive than pearls found in other shapes. However, high-quality drop shapes or baroque shapes often can cost considerably more than rounds, due to higher luster, color, or surface quality.

8. Where do pearls come from?

Pearls are cultured around the world, but mostly in Asia and the South Pacific.

9. How quickly can I get my pearls?

As an Anandia Pearls client, you can have your pearls as soon as the day after you place an order online. Of course, if you are in the Los Angeles / Long Beach / Orange County area, you can stop by our offices Monday through Friday to pick up your order. For more information or to setup an appointment, please see our Customer Service page.

10. How much should I expect to pay for different types of pearls?

Pearls can range in price from a few dollars to thousands of dollars per piece, depending on the quality of pearl and what species of oyster or mussel produced it. In general, freshwater pearls from mussels grown in lakes tend to be least expensive, while south sea pearls from the large salt-water oysters of Australia, or the yellow hued golden pearls of Indonesia are usually the most valuable.

11. How often do I need to clean my pearls?

Your pearls should be cleaned after every use by wiping them with a dry, soft cloth to remove any residue, body oils, or perfumes. A cleaning solution made especially for pearls can also be used every month, depending on frequency of wear. NEVER use an ultrasonic machine or cleaning solution unless it specifically mentions that it is safe for pearls, otherwise you may destroy the pearl's luster.

12. What do I do if I'm not satisified with my purchase?

Anandia Pearls offers an unconditional 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee on all items. Simply send an email to for directions on packaging your item for return shipping. Because we have built our business largely by referrals, we need our clients to be THRILLED with every purchase if we hope to survive and grow!

13. How do I earn Anandia Pearl Rewards Points?

You earn Rewards Points automatically on every purchase, at the rate of $25 in Rewards Points for every $500 you spend.

14. How do I redeem my Anandia Pearl Rewards Points?

At the time of your next purchase, let us know that you would like to apply your Rewards Points. If you are purchasing online, enter your Rewards Points discount code and the your points will be applied automatically.

15. Can I get my pearls in different colors?

Pearls come in many colors, including white, golden, black pearls, and pink to name just a few. If you see an item on the site but would like to have it with a different color pearl, let us know. We are happy to help you create a personalized piece with no additional service charge.

16. What choice of settings can I have?

Most settings are in 18K gold, either in yellow gold or white. If you see an item on the site but would prefer it in a different color, please let us know!

17. What kind of pearls are the most valuable?

South Sea pearls are the most valuable of all pearls. Of these, Golden South Sea pearls are even more rare and valuable, especially in large sizes. In general, as a pearl's size increases so does its value.

18. Why do pearls come in different colors?

Pearls are produced by different species of oysters, which gives rise to different colors and sizes. Tahitian oysters produce darker colors, whereas South Sea oysters produce white or golden.

19. How much do blemishes reduce the value of a pearl?

Blemishes which still permit a "clean face" for the pearl do not effect value as much as blemishes which are "front and center", so to speak. Pearls are expected to have some natural blemishes, so the fewer (and unobtrusive) the more rare and expensive. It is generally accepted that luster is a stronger determinant of value.

20. How many years does it take to make a pearl?

Depending on the species and size, pearls can be produced in anywhere from six monthes to five years, with the average for nice quality pearls being 2-4 years. Larger pearls take longer to produce. Farmers have to balance size versus quality, because the longer a pearl is left in the oyster, the more likely it is to be misshapen or have blemishes.

21. I saw another site that has pearls at a cheaper price. Why are yours more expensive?

Yes, there are countless sites on the Internet selling pearls at cheaper prices. With pearls there is a vast range of qualities. In most cases, cheaper pearls equates to lower quality and durability, which can mean pearls that can chip, break, or colors that fade. Unfortunately, most consumers aren't educated to tell the difference, and end up spending too much on lower-priced items which seem to be a "deal". Anandia Pearls believes in educating our clients from the beginning with our Pearls of Wisdom Buying Guide, and only offers high to very high quality pearls at price points which are extremely competitive.

22.How do I know I'm getting a real pearl?

Anandia Pearls always stands behind our products. If the Gemological Institute of America doesn't confirm our pearl's grading, luster, and overall quality to be at least as good as we promised you, we'll buy back that pearl for the price you paid, reimburse you for the cost of grading, and pay you an additional five hundred dollars. If other jewelers aren't willing to match this offer, you've got to wonder why.

23.I've never purchased jewelry over the Internet. Is this safe?

The answer is that thousands of affluent clients purchase jewelry over the Internet everyday! A strong Money-Back Guarantee always protects you in the event you're not completely satisfied with what you receive.

24.If I don't like the item I ordered, can I return it?

Our outcome at Anandia Pearls is that you be completely thrilled with everything you purchase from us! We want you to wear your pearls often and tell all your friends about us. That's why every item comes with our 90-Day, No-Risk 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

25.What makes you different from all the other companies online who sell pearls?

While most sites selling pearls online sell typical consumer-grade goods that you could find in any mall, Anandia Pearls creates original designs crafted from luxury-grade pearls, gold, and diamonds. We want our clients to feel special wearing unique designs that no one else has. We guarantee that you won't find anything of comparable quality in any store, anywhere.

26.How can I learn more about pearls?

Our Pearls of Wisdom Buying Guide is a great start.

27.What kind of pearls are in style today?

Tahitian and Golden South Sea pearls are especially popular right now.

28.What's the most expensive pearl?

Pearl value is always a factor of size and quality: the bigger and/or higher luster pearl is always in demand. But as pearl species go, South Sea pearls, especially Golden South Sea Pearls, are usually the most expensive.

29.How do I clean my pearls?

Wipe your pearls with a soft cloth after every use. You can also rinse them in cool water, or use a cleaner which is specifically made for pearls. Never use jewelry cleaner unless the bottle explicitly says it's safe for pearls; otherwise, you could damage the pearl beyond repair.

30. I already have loose pearls of my own. Can I buy settings to mount them?

Yes, settings are available in some cases. Please call us with an item number showing the setting you are interested in.

31. Will the color of my pearls ever fade?

With normal wear, no your pearl color should not fade for decades, if ever. The exception would be dyed pearls, as dyes have been known to lighten over time. For all pearls, keep them out of prolonged contact with heat and sunlight, and never clean them with a product not designed specifically for pearls.

32. Are these colors natural? How can I tell?

Anandia Pearls sells natural color pearls, unless the item is explicitly described otherwise. Natural color pearls are always more valuable. Gemological labs and experienced pearl dealers are the best sources for validating whether a color is natural.

33. Do pearls hold their value over time?

Yes, pearls often become family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation. As long as they are cared for properly, pearls (especially top-quality pearls) have been shown to hold or increase in value over time.

34. I don't know much about pearls. How can I tell if one pearl is better than another?

Comparison is done using the pearl value factors, which are explained in detail in our "Pearls of Wisdom" Buying Guide.

35. What are the most important things to look for when I shop for pearls?

Other than making sure you're dealing with a trusted source, the most important factor is luster; surface quality is also important. All the factors are explained more fully in the Pearls of Wisdom Buying Guide.

36. Where can I find ___ on your site?

Most items can be found by clicking the Search link at the top right. If you are unable to find what you're looking for, we are happy to answer your questions by phone or email.

37. I saw something I like on your website. Can I order over the phone?

Yes, of course. Our toll-free number is 888-732-7510 or direct at +1-949-200-7526.

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